Hebei Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Hebei Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd. was transformed into joint-stock foreign trade company in October 2005. As its predecessor, Hebei Branch of China National Machinery Import &Export Corporation was founded in October 1974, which was the earliest export and import company focusing on mechanical and electrical products in Hebei province. With more than 30 years of striving and endeavoring......

Overseas Market Distribution

Our Company gains a good reputation in the international market. Now we establish business relationship with clients from more than 100 countries and areas. Our main market is located in the America, Europe, Middle East Asia and Africa and South East Asia.

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Distribution of Manufacturer

Over one thousand export sourcing manufacturers, located in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Sea and North China, they have a wealth of experience to produce export products and also has a strict quality management system.

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Business Scale During Recent 3 Years

Hebei Machinery Import and Export Co., LTD develops very fast during recent years. In the year of 2009, our turnover is 180 million US dollar; the year of 2010 is about 210 million US dollar; the year of 2011 is about 220 million US dollar.

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Export Business

Complete Set of Large Equipment

Our company is responsible for the management of the whole project, managing and coordinating every step including design, equipment supply, transportation, installation, commissioning, and test run and so on.

Metallurgical Mill Rolls

Metallurgical mill rolls as our major products, Our roll products including, casting iron/steel roll, forged roll, Hi-chrome roll, and carbide roll.

Pipes and Pipe Fittings

We have been focusing on exporting the products of plumbing materials over three decades, as the specialized supplier, we have established the business relationships with the customers across 120 countries and regions al over the world. and enjoyed the high reputation.


Wire Mesh, Valves, Cast Iron, Products, Fasteners, Electronic Products, Lamp, Door Lock, Drawer Lock, Caster, Bathroom Accessories, Plastic Sanitary Ware, Bathroom, Food Machine, Scales, Puller, Furniture Accessories.

Tools and Agricultural Implements

Tools, Pliers, Plumbing tools, Vices & Clamps, Hammers, Wrenches, Measuring tools, Rools for masonry & Wood working, Cutting tools, Screwdrivers, Garden tools, Power tools,Other tools.

Import Business

Case of Import Agency of Complete Sets of Equipment

We are responsible for negotiating, contract signing, and making payment, arranging transportation, customs clearance in China and commodity inspection by the bureau; we also do the work of organizing and coordinating the technical supervision by foreign experts during installation and commissioning.

Case of Self-import of Natural Gas Pipes and Control equipment

Gas department is one of the major departments that mainly engaged in:Gas pressure regulators,Flow meters including ultrasonic meters,turbine meters,bromine adding device,filters,Gas pressure regulation stations with pressure ranging from ultra high,medium high,medium low and to ultra low,and we also supply technical consultation and after service about the gas equipments.

Medical Apparatus and Equipment

The Medical Equipment Department is mainly engaged in international trade, such as famous brands Philips, Siemens etc. act as agent for the import business, involving extensive areas such as: X-ary angiography, computed tomography systems, medical X-ray systems,color ultrasound diagnostic systems, centrifuges, biological safety cabinet, a wide variety of microscopes and other medical equipment.